BNL (UK) Limited, experts in the field of innovative bearing design and engineering for over forty-five years, have expanded the Machine Tear Down Team, offering the engineering services of their problem solvers to all customers on a no-obligation basis.

Having been at the forefront of bearing and bearing mechanism design for nearly half a century, value engineering has been an integral part of BNL’s product design services since day one. The experienced problem-solving team now has 30 world-class engineers working with leading companies in highly innovative industries such as automotive, household appliances, cash handling, and CCTV for decades.

By reviewing existing projects and machines to highlight the benefits of alternative solutions, they have managed to reduce costs and improve function, quality and performance for many customers. Notable projects include assisting a food processing equipment manufacturer to eliminate downtime from component failure and reduce replacement part costs by 99%, plus working with a CCTV manufacturer to decrease existing component count from eighteen to one, providing cost savings through a significantly reduced parts count and assembly time.

Machine Tear Down

These highly qualified, senior engineers are now focussed on introducing these skills to new customers as a service apart from the project design process and without obligation. Where customers require anything from a redesign of existing products or production lines, to assistance bringing new products to market, or utilising structured, quality assured methodologies, the Machine Tear Down Team are available as an extra, expert resource to complement customers’ existing expertise.

BNL (UK) Limited, Chief Executive, Jonathan Wilkinson stated, “Our Machine Tear Down Team has been a well-kept secret, moving from project to project without fuss, relishing being involved in diverse innovation challenges and delivering great value to our customers. New investment will see the team continue to grow in size, capability, and experience; we are excited to see which new application and innovation paths they take us down next.”

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