Sustainably reducing waste is a priority across the business landscape today. Finding disposal solutions that are not only effective but generate environmental benefits and social good, is a massive advantage.

BNL is so pleased to partner with Leeds Wood Recycling (LWR) to dispose of all our wood waste. An organization that is truly adding value to the environment and community. They collect all our waste wood and work through social enterprise to reuse and recycle it, so it never goes to landfill – 100% of our collected wood waste is sorted, repurposed and recycled.

BNL Bearings working with Leeds Wood Recycling to redice waste wood and support social enterpriseLWR’s slogan is “Doing social good, using your waste wood.” They process waste wood through their warehouse and reclaimed timber shop. They create custom-made wood products, such as furniture, planters, shelves and crates, timber, scaffold boards, firewood and kindling. Any materials that are not reused are converted into compound wood products and reused as building products, or as a final resort, used up in Energy From Waste processes.

Their timber shop is a social enterprise offering training and employment to those marginalized from the jobs market, helping long-term unemployed regain employment and providing upskilling, training and positive social networking. Staffed by volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, they also offer woodworking and DIY courses, sanding and finishing services. Their incredible achievements in doing ‘social good’ in the local community can be seen in their Impact Reports.

“We are so glad we found LWR and can be a small part of their mission to create positive environmental and social impact,”, stated Garry Kitchin, BNL’s QHSE & Sustainability Officer. “Not only are they very professional but they are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and able to give a comprehensive description of how our waste wood is used, plus the process for transport and storage. It is a win-win, allowing us to fulfill our Zero Waste 2 Landfill (ZW2L) commitments via a cost-effective service that delivers a social good.”

BNL is part of the Synnovia Group, which has achieved ZW2L certification group-wide. With improvement always possible, Garry and the team at BNL are also working on several initiatives to improve performance against the waste hierarchy, prioritizing reuse and recycling for other materials and waste products.

You can find out more about Leeds Wood Recycling and their activities here: