Lightweight, Low Torque, Shielded and Sealed Plastic Bearings

BNL plastic sealed and shielded bearings are:

  • Cost effective and cheaper than steel equivalents
  • Non-corrosive and chemical resistant
  • Non-magnetic as they do not contain metal or tin
  • Lightweight
  • Moulded, allowing design flexibility and reduced part count
  • BNL plastic sealed bearing image with cut through showing internal componentsLow torque
  • Less noisy compared to metal due to the inherent noise-dampening characteristics of plastic

Bearing shields and seals protect the bearing from dirt and liquid that can cause increased wear. Shields will keep out larger particles, whereas seals will keep out finer debris. BNL shielded and sealed bearings are a lightweight and more cost-effective solution than steel equivalents, which are often over-specified and overly expensive for many products.

We integrate shields or seals into our moulded bearing designs, reducing component count, assembly times and costs. We use different shield and seal designs, some integrated and some not, and specially selected materials, to meet the demands of the specific application and its environment.

Shielded or sealed bearings are used anywhere dust, sand, debris or liquid needs to be kept out of the bearing. Below are a few product types that we have designed plastic shielded or sealed bearings for:

  • Vacuum cleaners and accessories
  • Photocopier toner cartridges
  • Automotive fire wall bearings
  • Automotive steering column bearings
  • CCTV PTZ units
  • Thermal imaging and satellite tracking units
  • BNL’s Industry Standard Bearing range (shielded) – browse our range of series plastic bearings

Want more detail? You can read more about our sealed and shielded bearing designs here.

How can we help you?

Do you think a BNL plastic shielded/sealed bearing might bring advantages to your product development?

BNL offer a machine tear down service, where we will examine your product for ways in which our plastic bearings can benefit the performance and efficiency of your product.

Are your shielded or sealed metal bearings over-specified and over-expensive?

BNL shielded and sealed bearings offer a lightweight and more cost-effective solution than steel for many applications. Read more about our sealed and shielded bearing solutions.

Ask an engineer about your sealing or shielding requirements to see if a better value plastic bearing option is suitable: