Integrated Plastic Bearings for Automotive Controls


Automotive controls manufacturers are facing the increasing challenge of supplying a large amount of instant and dynamic information to drivers, without distracting them from the road. Despite an increase in the use of touch screen solutions in automotive cockpits, infotainment and HVAC control manufacturers are aware of the need to ensure safety over technological innovation in this area. Global leaders in automotive audio and infotainment are looking to keep traditional control knobs as part of their product offerings, as all-touchscreen solutions can be distracting and difficult to use whilst driving and customers are voting with their feet.

BNL design and manufacture integrated plastic bearing products for automotive controls that can be customised to create bespoke haptic feedback for the driver via sound and detents, minimising distraction whilst at the wheel. Not only do they offer this functional benefit to an automaker’s customer, but they provide production and design advantages to the infotainment module manufacturer too.

The bearing can be designed to exhibit specific torque requirements
Plastic materials are self-lubricated for clean operation without grease
We design and mould custom detents and other features to achieve specific haptic requirements
One integrated product with both axial (push button) and rotational functionality, minimising wobble
Our integrated bearing replaces multi-component encoders, increasing stability and reducing weight and component cost
Injection moulding allows us to create design features such as a central space for LED displays and informatics


BNL integrates functions and components into the control knob to produce a single part, which is lightweight, clean, stable and exhibits specific operational requirements. Our customers benefit from simplified assembly, reduced shipping, inventory and component costs and the value-added design features permitted by our bearing engineering and moulding expertise.

BNL design and manufacture custom, integrated bearings for other Automotive applications and a variety of other applications and industries.

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