Why choose a BNL plastic gear?

Moulded, plastic gears are a viable alternative to metal gears for many applications. Due to continued advances in materials, manufacturing methods and design development, they are proving to be a more effective solution than metal for many products. Our plastic gear forms and gears are used in products from domestic appliances and cash machines, to conveyor systems, pool cleaners and conference cameras.

Our customers often ask us to integrate gears and gear teeth into our moulded plastic bearing designs. Integration not only reduces component, count, cost and assembly time but we can design the gears to minimise friction and heat so there is less wear, plus we can combine added value features such as shields and seals, location mounts, quick release clips and other mating parts.

Why choose a plastic gear rather than a metal version?

  • More cost-effective and better value – metal gears can be over-specified and overly expensive. Plastic gears, especially BNL integrated geared bearings, can be better value by reducing component count of the final assembly
  • Quieter running gears due to plastic’s noise-dampening characteristics
  • Lubricity is a natural characteristic of plastic so no grease is necessary
  • Plastic is a lightweight material used for weight saving and power reduction objectives
  • Plastic has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

We offer our customers a range of injection moulded gear solutions, with or without integrated bearings. Discover more about the types of gears we offer.

We can tailor material selection to the needs of your application, using additives such as PTFE & aramid fibres, or use two carefully matched materials that can run together, dependent on requirements.

Our machine tear down service is available if you would like to find out whether your product or application could benefit from a plastic gear.

Talk to one of our engineers about your gearing requirements and see if we can offer a better value solution: asktheengineer@bnl-bearings.com

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