We are pleased to have achieved our Zero Waste to Landfill certification!

The certification confirms that we send zero waste to landfill (including production, hazardous and packaging waste) and are committed to continual improvement of waste reduction, recycling and diversion of waste to improved recycling schemes.


The certification applies to the whole Synnovia group, where each company have been audited individually.

This success is down to the hard work of everyone in the business, who over many months have developed, implemented and entrenched new processes to ensure we don’t send waste to landfill.

The audit included a review of BNL’s activities to understand where waste is created, documentation / data to confirm waste streams, treatment processes and a site tour to observe waste management practices on site. The audit confirmed BNL send zero waste to landfill but that we over two thirds of our waste to recycling.

BNL are ISO 14001 certified and work to a company specific environmental and sustainability policy as well as within the overall group systems.

Our waste and environmental management improvements are driven by the company’s sustainability policies and involvement from staff from across company. As a team, we are aiming to build on this achievement by continuing to reduce energy consumption, improve the tools and techniques we use to accurately measure energy baseline data, minimise general waste via targeted teams and projects, develop our systems for measuring scrap plastic and initiate additional methods of recycling scrap plastic materials.

Our assessor, Valpak, will perform an annual audit for our continued certification. To ensure we maintain our compliance going forward, we have implemented systems and process that will allow us to provide full annual waste data; log all waste transfer records, carrier licences and permits; evidence per waste stream of the treatment process.