Industry Standard Size Bearings

BNL’s range of industry standard bearings are specially designed and manufactured for improved load carrying, wear rates and feel – giving an overall 80% increase in performance over standard machined bearings.

We have had over 50 yrs’ experience of the design and manufacture of plastic bearings, developing our techniques and expertise over time to produce a superior product that offers significant benefits over steel bearings, bushes and other plastic bearings on the market.

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Wheels & Poultry Wheels

Our high quality wheels are suitable for a wide range of applications which require durability and reliability, and are especially popular or food processing and overhead conveyor applications.

Five decades or more ago BNL realised that plastic poultry wheels could offer longer life and better productivity than the steel wheels and bearings that were widespread at the time. We began to offer our customers robust, hard wearing wheels that minimised unnecessary line maintenance, loss of manufacturing time and labour costs and became the supplier of choice to the world’s biggest poultry processing machinery manufacturers – who we still count as customers nearly half a century later.

We design wheels to requirement for T-Track, Pipe Track and I-Beam/X348 models, plus other wheel profiles and fixings suitable for poultry weights from chicken through to goose and the pairs of yokes that go with them.

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Conveyor Systems Bearings

BNL design and manufacture conveyor system bearings, including wheels, skate wheels, end caps and sealed end caps. Our range of high quality, plastic conveyor bearings are used in gravity roller conveyors, overhead conveyors and food processing machinery, end of line systems, bottling & filling, packaging and other material handling applications.

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Other Industry Standard Products

Plastic Pulleys

BNL can design and manufacture pulleys to meet from light to a heavy duty applications. We supply plastic pulleys for exercise equipment, sliding doors, furniture adjustment, idler pulleys for machinery and appliances, marine pulleys for yachts and boats and in many other applications. Contact us to find put more about BNL’s plastic pulleys.

Thrust Races/ Thrust Bearings

Designed to bear a purely axial load (a load that is at 90 degrees to the shaft that it is mounted on), these bearings are most suited to applications that have a steady rotation rather than a high speed spin. Our plastic thrust races are used in automotive applications for steering adjustment mechanisms, adjustable furniture, spinning tables and mounts for TVs and appliances, amongst other products. Want to know more about thrust bearings? Contact us.

Speciality Bearings for Harsh Environments

We design and manufacture bearings for applications where extreme temperatures or highly corrosive chemicals are used, such as in glass and LCD screen and display manufacture or solar panel processing. We can specify the correct materials for the environment – from PEEK to UHMWPE, with steel, PP or ceramic balls.

Some of the materials we commonly use can be found on our plastic bearing materials page.

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