BNL have been designing and manufacturing conveyor system bearings, including wheels, overhead conveyor wheels, skate wheels, end caps and sealed end caps for decades. We pioneered the use of plastic as an alternative to metal, innovating with a patent or two along the way. Our plastic bearings are used in gravity roller conveyors, overhead conveyors and food processing machinery for poultry processing, end of line systems, bottling & filling, packaging and other material handling applications.

Benefits of plastic bearings for conveyor systems

– No need for lubrication that can leach out and contaminate products or can wash out during clean-downs, causing maintenance and production downtime.

– Corrosion resistant to water and most cleaning chemicals for a longer operational life and needing less maintenance.

– Plastic bearing solutions can be up to 40% lighter than metal equivalents

– Lightweight, low torque plastic conveyor bearings mean less torque to rotate on start up and in operation, using less energy and allowing smaller more cost effective motors to be used

– Using bearing design techniques and plastic injection moulding, we can integrate features and functions, reducing component count and costs and removing more weight from the system


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We Also…


… design and manufacture standard-size industry radial bearings, thrust bearings, pulleys and rollers to specification. Discover our industry standard products.

… offer custom design plastic bearings where we can integrate features and functions into one moulded bearing product. Discover more about BNL integrated plastic bearings.

… make bearings for conveyor systems that are exposed to harsh environments. We use speciality plastics and ball materials that can withstand chemicals, cleaning agents and more extreme temperatures. Discover more about the plastic bearing materials we use and what plastic bearing materials are suitable for different chemicals and temperatures.

… design and manufacture plastic bearings for food processing, bottling & filling, poultry processing plus overhead & aerial conveyor systems applications.