BNL’s brand new range of industry standard bearings are uniquely designed and manufactured, offering improved load, wear-rate and feel, achieving an 80% increase in performance over machined plastic bearings.

BNL Plastic Bearing Material and Design Benefits

Plastic bearings are an increasingly popular alternative to common metal bearings and with good reason.  Our carefully selected Thermoplastics are dimensionally stable when subjected to a range of loads, showing excellent abrasion and fatigue resistance, low moisture absorption and offering low co-efficient of friction for excellent long-term wear performance.

BNL’s expert tool design and specialised processing technology, enables us to build on these material benefits to further improve bearing performance. By moulding our bearings, we equip the raceways of each bearing with a fine crystalline surface layer, which increases bearing life significantly, noticeably outperforming equivalent, machined plastic bearings.

BNL Plastic Bearing Range Offers Many Application Advantages

Our industry standard bearings require 10% less torque than a metal bearing, giving our customer the freedom to reduce motor size in design of their products, which in turn lowers energy usage. Additional advantages are reduced weight with higher load and speed capacity, offering a real competitive alternative.

BNL’s plastic bearings are reliable components for a diverse range of applications where exposure to water and corrosive substances is a concern. Offering higher durability than a metal alternative, plastic bearings also remove the inconvenience and cost of greasing or frequently replacing fatigued bearings.

Applications for our Industry Standard Bearing Range 

Our bearings are used in many different industries and meet a variety of performance requirements. As they are lightweight with low torque, our bearings work well in applications for the automotive industry, such as interior control knobs and steering columns. Our integrated moulded assemblies have provided CCTV cameras with bearing solutions characterised by low friction and a smooth, improved range of motion. Within the food industry, our bearings eliminate the chance of lubricant contamination or corrosion of the bearing materials, ideal for long-term use, despite routine wash-downs and food product handling.

Where to buy?

BNL is a global leader in the bearing industry. Our new Industry standard bearing line is readily available from our global distribution network and contact details and locations can be found on our dedicated web-site, along with all of the technical resources needed to demonstrate why the newly launched range of Industry Standard Bearings is the superior solution to your application needs.


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