Did you know BNL design and manufacture plastic gears, geared bearings, belt teeth and gear forms?

Although you may not have realised, BNL design and manufacture moulded, plastic gears and geared bearings.


Take a look below at the short intro video to our custom plastic gears and geared bearings.



We work with market-leading manufacturers of domestic applicances, cash handling and robotics products, amongst others. We are a member of the British Gear Association.

Our gears and geared bearings are injection moulded using thermoplastic materials.

Firstly, these lend a range of characteristics to our gear products including self-lubrication (so no need for grease), corrosion and chemical resistance, and inherent noise dampening.

Secondly, because we injection mould our bearings and gears, we are able to combine features and functions into the design, to provide one, integrated part. This integration results in fewer components and less cost, reduces weight and lessens assembly time.

Additonally, these lighter parts contribute to minimising energy use on start up and in operation.

Interested in learning more? You can find more information on our gear capabilities here. Or ask one of our engineers about your gearing requirements and see if a better value solution is suitable: asktheengineer@bnl-bearings.com