BNL offer a range of injection moulded gear solutions, with or without integrated bearings.

Our integrated gear and bearing products can reduce operating friction and heat that increases wear rate and reduces the life of the gear. Injection moulded integration provides design flexibility to combine other features into the gear product such as location mounts, quick release clips and other mating parts. Read more about BNL plastic gears.

These are some of the gear types we supply to our customers:


Plastic Spur Gears

These gears are the most used and easy to recognise with teeth protruding out from the perimeter. Mounted on parallel axes to transfer movement between two parallel shafts and no thrust force is generated in the axial direction.



Plastic Bevel Gears

These gears are conical in shape and the teeth can be straight or spiral cut. This type of gear transfers motion between two intersecting axles changing the axis of rotation. They are also a commonly used gear type found in power tools and automotive applications. The spiral cut version can be smoother and less noisy than some other designs.


Plastic Rack / Rack & Pinion Gears

These convert rotary movement into a linear motion. The teeth are arranged along a straight bar, which has a cylindrical mating gear. One gear axis remains fixed. This type of gear offers a short, oscillating stroke and is found in steering systems, conveyors and lifting machinery.


Plastic Internal / Planetary gears

In this type of gear, the teeth are cut around the internal diameter of one gear and a spur gear (or several) meshes with these centre teeth, allowing it to run around internal diameter. Teeth can also be designed onto the outer of the larger gear so additional gears can run around its outer diameter. They are commonly used in automotive gear boxes.


Plastic Belt Teeth & Gear Forms

We frequently integrate belt teeth and gear forms with bearing races, to provide a combined solution. They are used in many different applications, from CCTV to pool cleaners to mail handling solutions.

Do you think a plastic gear or plastic geared bearing might bring advantages to your product development? BNL offer a machine tear down service, where we will examine your product for ways in which our plastic bearings and gears can benefit the performance and efficiency of your product.

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